Open bugs in version "3.1.9"

# Status Title Assigned to Last update Priority
239 New Daisy Ayala rrwhite Dec 2009 Normal
208 New Magdalena Lang rrwhite Dec 2009 Normal
205 New Bryon Conner rrwhite Nov 2009 Normal
199 New CYRUS rrwhite Oct 2008 Normal
188 New STACY rrwhite Oct 2008 Normal
187 New PORTER rrwhite Oct 2008 Normal
182 New MILES rrwhite Oct 2008 Normal
177 New how is credit card interest rrwhite Sep 2008 Normal
129 New process credit card online rrwhite Aug 2008 Normal
73 New ajaxscaffold breaks scaffolding extensions plugin rrwhite Mar 2007 Normal
72 New Uploading Binary data via Ajax call? rrwhite Feb 2007 Normal
71 New fixes for non-javascript fallback code rrwhite Feb 2007 Normal
70 New Mouse click problem, creating duplicates rrwhite Feb 2007 Normal
62 New Bug in the demo at the firstpage rrwhite Nov 2006 Normal
59 Verified Maybe a "security bug" rrwhite Jan 2007 Normal
57 Verified Autocopy files is bad rrwhite Jan 2007 Normal
56 New Pagination Error on SQL Server rrwhite Nov 2006 Normal
55 New Sort Fails with Multiple belongs_to Relationships rrwhite Nov 2006 Normal
53 New RJS Error: InternalError: too much recursion rrwhite Oct 2006 Normal
51 New Bug in pluralize for legacy table rrwhite Sep 2006 Normal