RJS Error: InternalError: too much recursion

Reported by Anonymous on Ajax Scaffold · 02/10/2006 21:26:20

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When trying to use the create method I get this error:

RJS Error:
InternalError: too much recursion

Then after pushing OK I get the attached image error… It’s too big to fit on my screen in a notification box and I can’t resize it, so I just screenshotted it incase it had any useful info…

Also, this is on the plugin version 3.2.2 not 3.1.9, that one was my highest option… I had to download it from rubyforge directly from the plugin project (ZIP File) and then I just copied it right into my vendor/plugins directory. It all works ok, I think, except for creating new entries, and when I try to use the suffix option in the before filter, it says the “list” action is not found, as if it’s not reading the plugin at all…

So, is this my hackish way of install the plugin? Cause when I did it the way explained here: (blog.caronsoftware.com/articles/2006/09/02/getting-started-with-the-ajax-scaffold-plugin) it seemed to not find the repository URL it just went to the next line in my CMD line without any verbose or return text at all.

Now then, lol, thanks for the help ahead of time! Off to make comments on some of your other pages… Seemed like this was the most appropriate descriptive space to report this…

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