Closed bugs in version "3.1.2"

# Status Title Assigned to Last update Priority
36 Solved Unit & Functional Test Case starting points Nobody Jul 2006 Normal
34 Solved CHANGELOG not released Nobody Jul 2006 Normal
33 Solved functional tests failing Nobody Jul 2006 Normal
32 Discarded [PATCH] Filter for records Nobody Jan 2007 Normal
31 Solved XSS Vulnerability rrwhite Jul 2006 Normal
30 Discarded Associations demo not updating the relation Nobody Jun 2006 Normal
29 Solved Loading indicator Nobody Jul 2006 Normal
28 Discarded Loading indicator Nobody Jul 2006 Normal
26 Solved Patch to fix syntax warnings on the generated controller files rrwhite Jul 2006 Normal
25 Solved Fix naming of yaml fixtures rrwhite Jul 2006 Normal
24 Discarded problem + solution when used with rails globalize plugin Nobody Jun 2006 Normal
23 Discarded ScaffoldColumn's :sort_sql not used when defined as method Nobody Jun 2006 Normal
22 Solved Bad model and test file generation naming for SubFolder::Model rrwhite Jul 2006 Normal
21 Discarded AjaxScaffold::Helper.column_empty?() should be using blank?() rrwhite Jul 2006 Normal
20 Discarded AJAX Doesn't work on Opera (8.02) Nobody Jun 2006 Normal
19 Discarded CSS class names use invalid _ character Nobody Sep 2006 Normal
18 Solved sorting of table by column works oddly Nobody Jul 2006 Normal
17 Solved invalid SQL on derived table Nobody Jul 2006 Normal