[Feature] Exclude columns based on global form_scaffolding

Reported by Eden Brandeis on Ajax Scaffold · 13/04/2006 23:01:07

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Two options for implementing this feature

1. When user generates ajax_scaffold, generate content_column_patch in each model including list of all table columns except those specified in global form_scaffolding file.

2. When user generates ajax_scaffold, generate global config file with list of globally excluded columns. If user chooses to implement content_column_patch, the helper function will look to the list of globally excluded columns and exclude those unless explicitlly included by user in model.

Either of these options will make the form agree with the columns when the scaffold is first generated. I think option #2 is better because excluded columns are global in scope and can be changed without touching every model. It would be nice if the form code could also be refactored to use the global exclude list as well. That way columns could be excluded later without regenerating the scaffold. This would be great for times when you add a column that shouldn’t show up by default, but the scaffold has already been highly customized.

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